How to install WordPress On LocalHost in 8 Steps

How to install WordPress On LocalHost

In this post, I am going to talking about that how to install WordPress On LocalHost and its mean on your pc or laptop. LocalHost is only the way, where you can install WordPress and use it for testing and learning purposes without any internet requirements. And what is the softwares that we use can use to install WordPress on localhost and what would be the installation process. So, I’m going to guide you properly all the things that how to install WordPress On LocalHost throw the process as well. Please read this post till the end if want to learn WordPress localhost installation.

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If you want to watch this video that how to install WordPress On LocalHost guidance, Here I got you covered!!!

How many softwares we can use for WordPress on a localhost installation? | How to install WordPress On LocalHost

There are 2 software, which we can use for WordPress on localhost installation:

1= Bitnami

In this post, I’m just going to teach you the “Bitnami WordPress” installation process.

So, you can call “Bitnami” also as “Bitnami WordPress”.

Is there the same process of “Bitnami” and “XAMPP” installation on pc or laptop? | How to install WordPress On LocalHost

No, there is much more difference between the installation process of these 2 softwares.

“Bitnami” or “Bitnami WordPress” installation is very easy but the “XAMPP” process is totally different than bitnami.

How to install Bitnami on Localhost (pc & laptop)?

First of all, you’ve to download the “Bitnami WordPress” according to your system requirements. It means that if your system running Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with 32bit, then you’ve to download the 32bit “Bitnami WordPress” and if your system running any 64bit window, then you’ve to download the 64bit, and then you’ve to install it!

I will guide you here only important steps of the installation process that how to install WordPress On LocalHost.

So finally, here are the steps that how you can install it:

1= Run the exe file as “Run as administrator”.

2= Here you have to choose your preferred language and click on “OK”.


3= Leave it as it is!


4= Here you have to choose the installation path for bitnami or leave it as it is!


5= Here you have to put you (Name, Email, Username, Password, and Confirm Password).

  1. Set your “Name” with space or as you want.
  2. Put your “Email Account”.
  3. Type your “Username” without space.
  4. Type your password and confirm the password and then click on“Next”.

6= Set again your “Blog Name” here.

7= Configure SMTP Setting | Here you can configure your email for support if you want. I’m leaving it as it is.


8= Here I prefer you that uncheck the “Launch WordPress in the Cloud with Bitnami”.

Because if you use it, then the internet connection is a must for it.

So, as we are going to using this WordPress only on localhost and its mean on our laptop or pc.

So, uncheck it and click on “Next”!

9= So, finally here you are “Ready to Install” and click on the “Next”.

Here we go…

Click on finish and you’ll get this.

You will access the “phpMyAdmin” also from here.

Now, Click on “Access WordPress” from here!

After clicking on the “Access WordPress”, you would get this.

Here you’ve to put your (Username & Password) to login to your localhost website.

And here we go… Congratulations, you are finally on your LocalHost WordPress Dashboard.

Dear reader post is getting longer and click here to get guidance for the “XAMPP” installation process!

Here is a WordPress beginners level course.


The purpose of this post to teach you that if you are a beginner, then how you can learn WordPress by installing it on your localhost (pc or laptop) if you can’t afford the paid hosting for WordPress OR if you want to test any functionality, plugins, or themes on WordPress separately. Then where is the best place to test the things separately.

I hope you could understand it easily.

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