How to install WordPress On LocalHost in Eight Simple Steps

How to install WordPress On LocalHost

In this submit, I am going to speakme approximately that the way to installation WordPress On LocalHost and its suggest in your laptop or laptop. LocalHost is best the way, in which you may set up WordPress and use it for trying out and gaining knowledge of purposes without any net requirements. And what is the softwares that we use can use to install WordPress on localhost and what would be the installation procedure. So, I’m going to guide you properly all of the things that a way to install WordPress On LocalHost throw the process as properly. Please read this post till the stop if need to examine WordPress localhost installation.

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If you want to watch this video that how to install WordPress On LocalHost guidance, Here I got you covered!!!

How many softwares we can use for WordPress on a localhost installation? To install WordPress On LocalHost

There are 2 software, which we can use for WordPress on localhost installation:

1= Bitnami

In this post, I’m just going to teach you the “Bitnami WordPress” installation process.

So, you can call “Bitnami” also as “Bitnami WordPress”.

Is there the identical method of “Bitnami” and “XAMPP” installation on laptop or laptop How to install WordPress On LocalHost

No, there may be tons more distinction among the set up method of these 2 softwares.

“Bitnami” or “Bitnami WordPress” installation may be very smooth but the “XAMPP” technique is totally exclusive than bitnami.

How to install Bitnami on Localhost (pc & laptop)?

First of all, you’ve to down load the “Bitnami WordPress” consistent with your device requirements. It means that if your machine going for walks Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with 32bit, then you definately’ve to down load the 32bit “Bitnami WordPress” and in case your system strolling any 64bit window, you then’ve to download the 64bit, and you then’ve to install it!

I will guide you here simplest critical steps of the set up technique that a way to installation WordPress On LocalHost.

So ultimately, here are the stairs that how you could deploy it:

1= Run the exe file as “Run as administrator”.

2= Here you have to pick your chosen language and click on “OK”.


3= Leave it as it is!


4= Here you have to choose the installation path for bitnami or leave it as it is!


5= Here you have to positioned you (Name, Email, Username, Password, and Confirm Password).

  1. Set your “Name” with space or as you want.
  2. Put your “Email Account”.
  3. Type your “Username” without space.
  4. Type your password and confirm the password and then click on“Next”.

6= Set again your “Blog Name” here.

7= Configure SMTP Setting | Here you can configure your email for support if you want. I’m leaving it as it is.


8= Here I pick you that uncheck the “Launch WordPress inside the Cloud with Bitnami”.

Because if you use it, then the net connection is a must for it.

So, as we’re going to the use of this WordPress most effective on localhost and its mean on our computer or laptop.

So, uncheck it and click on “Next”!

9= So, finally here you are “Ready to Install” and click on the “Next”.

Here we go…

Click on finish and you’ll get this.

You will access the “phpMyAdmin” also from here.

Now, Click on “Access WordPress” from here!

After clicking on the “Access WordPress”, you would get this.

Here you’ve to put your (Username & Password) to login to your localhost website.

And here we go… Congratulations, you’re ultimately to your LocalHost WordPress Dashboard.

Dear reader put up is getting longer and click right here to get steerage for the “XAMPP” installation technique!

Here is a WordPress beginners stage path.


The reason of this publish to teach you that if you are a novice, then how you can analyze WordPress through installing it in your localhost (computer or laptop) in case you can not find the money for the paid web hosting for WordPress OR if you want to check any capability, plugins, or subject matters on WordPress one after the other. Then in which is the exceptional place to test the matters separately.

I wish you can recognize it without difficulty.

Download Resources Here!

Version: 5.6.1-0

Version: 5.6.1-0

Version: 5.6.1-0

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