Norway Job Seeker Visa 2024 | Complete Process

Want to to move Norway without a job offer? Norway Job Seeker Visa is the best option to come and find a desired field job in Norway. A lot of European countries offer Job Seeker visas for international applicants who want to do the job here. Many of you don’t know how to apply for a Job seeker visa to Norway. Anyhow, we tell you about the complete process of how to apply for a Job Seeker visa Norway. Non-European Union can apply for this visa. The Citizens of the EU/EEA do not require a Job Seeker visa for Norway.

what is a Job Seeker visa? A Job seeker visa is a Temporary Visa for Skilled Job Seeker to come to the country and search for their desired job. The total duration of residence permit is one year. During this period, you can search the different jobs according to your field. The Application fee is approximately NOK 6,300 but it may updated regularly. The Application Process is not the same for each country, so for this, you need to check the requirements and application process to select your country of citizenship HERE.

Details of Norway Job Seeker Visa

  • Country: Norway
  • Who can Apply: non-EU/EEA can Apply

What do You Know about Norway?

Norway is a European country that situated in situated in northern Europe. Oslo is the capital of Norway and the basic language is Norwegian but most people communicate in English.

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Types of Visa Offered in Norway

There are Three Types of Visas offered by Norway:

1# Schengen Visa: A stay up to a maximum of 90 days in a six-month duration. 

2# D Visa: A D visa is common for spouses and allows a stay of 91 days to 180 days. 

3# Transit Visa: The transit visa is very different from Schengen and national visas.

Norway Job Seeker Visa Requirements 

  • To seek Employment as a skilled worker
  • You must be a skilled worker
  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries to Apply.
  • You have a university degree to apply for this Skilled Job Seeker visa.
  • You must have enough money to stay in Norway during your stay here. (You must have at least NOK 24,713 per month)
  • Report the police in Norway within 3 months of arrival.
  • European Economic Area (EEA) to live and work in Norway without a Job Seeker visa

Note That: You need to check the Official Website for the requirements and the Complete Process.

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Application Fee

The Total Application Fee is NOK 6,300 approximately USD 690. But the fee may change, so check HERE. 

Duration of Job Seeker Visa

The Total duration of a Job Seeker visa is a maximum of Six months and during this time you need to find a job and apply for a Norway Residence permit. 

Norway Residence Permit Total Durations

The Total duration of the Resident Permit in Norway is one Year.

Visa Processing Time

It takes up to 6 months for the Norway Job seeker’s Visa Application Process. To Check details about the Visa Application process, Click Here Now. 

Do You need Visa to work in Norway?

Yes if you belong to Non-EEU countries, you must require a Visa to work in Norway.

Requirements for Those Who Got a Degree From Norway

The students and the Researcher who got a Degree from any Norway University or institution, need to apply for a Residence Permit to search for a Job here. The following criteria you must follow to apply if you are a degree Holder of Norway:

  • Must be a skilled worker and need a job.
  • Pay the required Application fee to Apply.
  • Must have a Norway University Degree
  • You must have enough money to stay in Norway
  • AT least NOK 2,96,550 per year. to stay in Norway to care for yourself.

How to Apply for Norway Job Seeker Visa 2024?

You need to select your resident country first at HERE to Apply for a Job Seeker Visa in Norway. Because there is a different Application process for each country. Pay the Application fee and Apply for this Visa. 



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