Young Cultural Conference in Dubai 2024 | Fully Funded

Applications are now open for the Young Cultural Conference in Dubai 2024. The Young Cultural Diplomacy Forum (YCDF) is the 21st century Best Exchange Program in Dubai to increase the connection and globalization collaboration with bright minds. The YCDF Cultural Exchange program in Dubai explores the evolving strategies of public diplomacy, the pivotal role of indigenous cultures, the cultural renaissance of the Middle East, and environmental art, making the creative industries international relations and creating mutual understanding among each other.

The Young Cultural  Diplomacy Forum in Dubai aims to empower participants to learn how to make a positive change in society, promote mutual respect, and increase cooperation between diverse cultures and communities all over the globe. Both Self-Funded and Funded opportunities are available for you. The coherence covers 5 fully Funded and 15 Partially-Funded opportunities for you. The enriching journey of YCDF in Dubai enhances the intersections of literature, poetry, storytelling, and art, showing their transformative power to make connections and promote dialogue among diverse cultures and communities globally. All over the world applicants join this Cultural Program in Dubai. 

About the Young Cultural Conference in Dubai 

  • Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Program Dates: 24 to 26 May, 2024
  • Funded Application deadline: 20th April 2024
  • Self-Funded Application Last Date: 5th May, 2024

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Result Announcement of the Conference

The YCDF in Dubai announced the results of the selected participants on the 27th of April of the Funded Applications.

Basic Modules of the YCDF Cultural Exchange Program in Dubai

There are 6 basic Modules of the Young Cultural Conference in Dubai 2024. These modules are;

  1. Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century: This module involves the landscape of public diplomacy that explores the strategies, tools, and challenges faced by nations in communicating and engaging with global audiences, soft power tactics, emphasizing digital communication, and the impact of technology on diplomatic relations.
  2. Middle Eastern Renaissance: In this module, the YCDF in Dubai concentrates on the cultural and intellectual resurgence in the Middle East, and examines the historical, social, and political factors contributing to the region’s renewal. Also find the role of art, literature, and others.
  3. Indigenous Peacebuilding & cultural Diplomacy: In the 3rd Module, they explore the importance of indigenous cultures in public diplomacy efforts, traditions, and art that can encourage mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration between different nations, etc.
  4. Environmental Art & Eco-Diplomacy: Explore how the artists, policymakers, and activists work for the awareness, and drive international cooperation on environmental issues using creative expressions. They explore the convergence of environmental art and diplomacy to find the global environmental challenges.
  5. Cultural Connection & Public Diplomacy: They focus on the role of the cultural attaches in public diplomacy. Find the responsibilities, strategies, and promoting cultural exchange impact, promote the international connections.
  6. Literature, Poetry, and Storytelling in Cultural Diplomacy: In the last module, they find the power of literature, poetry, and storytelling as tools of cultural diplomacy and analyze how narratives, characters, and themes in poetry and literature contribute to mutual understanding and communication between different cultures.

Financial Benefits of YCDF Conference 2024 

The Fully funded Conference in Dubai provides the whole expenses of the applicants and the partially funded covers 50% of the expenses of the participant.

Fully Funded

YCDF is a funded program that charges a $16 Participation fee that is non-refundable. for the international provides the following benefits for the participants:

  • Event Personalized Merchandise.
  • Internship opportunity
  • Youth Statements & Interventions
  • 4-starred shared Accommodation is also provided by the conference.
  • A certificate of participation.
  • Meals during the program
  • Conference Invitation Letter
  • Round airfare to the best delegates
  • Also, any other additional benefits are specified for the fully funded or partially funded slots.

Self- Funded Benefits

The Participation fee for the Self-Funded YCDF conference is $599 which is non-refundable but in special cancellation cases the terms are different and you need to communicate individually. Perks are:

  • Conference Invitation Letter
  • 4-star shared accommodation
  • Meals during the summit
  • YCDF Personalized Merchandise
  • Youth Statements & Interventions
  • Diplomacy Simulations

Eligibility Requirements of The Program

  • All over the world passionate Young applicants can apply. 
  • Age must be 16 to 40.
  • Having Communication skills
  • Artists, creative directors, change makers, students, young activists, policymakers, and professionals from relevant modules are highly encouraged to apply. 

How To Apply for the Young Cultural Conference in Dubai?

You can apply for the Cultural Program in Dubai online through the OFFICIAL website of the YCDF in Dubai. Check the OFFICIAL LINK for more details. 


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  1. Dear team.
    Am interested in the fully funded Young Cultural conference coming in Dubai in May 24 – May 26 2024.
    I will be glad to be selected to participate in the program.
    My name is Akinbola Femi Babatunde from Nigeria. Looking forward to hearing from the team.
    I can be reach through my contact details below:
    E- mail :
    Phone number: +2349134149613

    Best regards
    Akinbola Femi Babatunde.

  2. Dear team.
    Am interested in the fully funded Young Cultural conference coming in Dubai in May 24 – May 26 2024.
    I will be glad to be selected to participate in the program.
    My name is Onor Jamison Okechukwu from Nigeria. Looking forward to hearing from the team.
    I can be reach through my contact details below:
    E- mail :
    Phone number: +2349017808534

    Best regards

  3. I am here in dubai and really want to join how can I apply

  4. This is me Muhammad Amir kamal from Pakistan and interested to participate in this conference.

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