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IRENA Youth Forum 2025 is held in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the Young, Talented, and the most brilliant applicants to share their creative ideas. IRENA Youth Logo Contest 2024 opens opportunities for all over the world. The IRENA stands for International Renewable Energy Agency.  It’s an intergovernmental organization that supports countries in transitioning to a sustainable energy future, focusing on renewable energy. IRENA announced the dedicated initiatives in 2018 to empower young people.  The program aims to empower youth to create a sustainable future. IRENA youth program is a fully Funded Youth Exchange Program in Dubai. It provides the opportunity for Young minds to submit their creative ideas and get a chance to Win a Free Trip to the UAE. So for this, IRENA announced the IRENA Youth Logo Contest to engage and empower the new generation of energy leaders. 

The IRENA Youth Forum Dubai aims to empower the Young generation and give them a chance to show their imaginative ideas and passion for sustainable energy. Due to this Exchange Program in Abu Dhabi, you can make a strong connection between IRENA and the youth of the world. They were forced to provide the vision of the present IRENA Youth Logo and its identity. All over the world applicants including males and Females can be eligible to apply. The winner will get a Free Abu Dhabi Trip from 9-14 January 2025 at the margins of the 15th session of the IRENA Assembly.  The logo must be according to the design guidelines set out by the IRENA. So Winner logo will be launched and displayed at the 2025 IRENA Youth Forum.  You will  Submit your Logo before 1 July 2024. 

Timeline of IRENA Youth Forum 2025 In UAE

The announcement of the Logo Contest is on 20 May 2024

Target Audience of IRENA UAE 

The Target Audience for the IRENA Youth program is young people between 16-35 who are brilliant and passionate about renewable energy and sustainability.

Program Location

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Deadline for Logo Submission

The Participants submit their logo designs in digital format via email to by 1st July 2024 at 23:59 GST

Main Objective

The main objective of the IRENA Youth Logo Forum is to empower applicants and teach them the values of innovation, sustainability, youth empowerment, and inclusivity.  Also, the basic aim is to design a new logo for IRENA Youth and make a connection with IRENA.

IRENA Logo Submission Guidelines

  • It’s for Young people aged 18-35 years.
  • Must Submit,  your logo designs in digital format (You can Check Below) via email to
  • The email Subject must be “IRENA Youth Logo Contest – [Your Name/Team Name]”.
  • The participant can send a maximum of three unique logo designs in two versions in one email. The team of two members can also participate. 
  • Please briefly describe the design concept and how it aligns with the IRENA Youth initiative and IRENA in a PDF document and must consist of 200 words. 
  • Submit before the deadline. 

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IRENA Logo Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation criteria is:

  • The Logo must show the Originality and creativity design
  • It’s related to the IRENA Youth initiative,  the target audience of IRENA, and IRENA.
  • Visual appeal and aesthetic quality.
  • The logo must be versatile and adaptability for different applications.
  • Overall impact and memorability.
  • The logo should be simple, modern, and memorable.
  • Original design not copied
  • The logo shows the vision and mission of IRENA
  • The logo should be unique and understandable.

Eligibility Criteria of the IRENA Youth Logo Contest

The following criteria must be fulfilled before applying:

  • All over the world, Young applicants are eligible. 
  • The applicants who are passionate about the Logo Design and provide creative ideas.
  • Your age must be 18 to 35 at the time of applying. 
  • Have the words “IRENA Youth” on the Logo. 
  • The team members consist of two.
  • No degree requirements

NOTE THAT: IRENA reserves the right to update, translate, modify, or publish the winning logo in one or more languages, if required. 

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Evolution Timeline

2 July – 15 October 2024

Perks & Benefits

The Benefits of the Fully funded Exchange Program is:

  • The logo of winner at 2025 IRENA Youth Forum.
  • You will be annunced at the IRENA’s official website and social media channels if you are winner.
  • It is displayed on the IRENA Youth initiative, and featured on IRENA’s website, social media channels, and promotional materials.
  • Get a chance to Free visit to Abu Dhabi

How to Apply for IRENA Youth Forum 2025 In UAE?

There is no Application for the IRENA Youth Program. You just need to submit the Logo (According to the design details by IRENA) via mail.  Open the Official Website for more details. 


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